Acquiring Maltese citizenship by investment is possible through amendments done to the Maltese Citizenship Act and Legal Notice 437 of 2020. In this article we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions on the Granting of Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations.

What is the Legal Basis for the Malta Citizenship by Direct Investment Regulations?

The Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations (SL 188.06) lists down the eligibility criteria and requirements to apply for citizenship through investment in Malta.

Is there any maximum number of applicants allowed under these Regulations?

The number of citizenship certificates to be granted under these regulations shall not exceed 400 yearly and a total of 1,500 for the whole duration of the citizenship regulations.

Can the Main applicant add family members in the Malta citizenship by investment application?

The Malta citizenship regulations allow the main applicant to include in an application the spouse, unmarried children of the main applicant and of the spouse who have not yet attained the age of twenty-nine (29) as well as economically dependent parents and grandparents of the applicants over the age of 55.

What are the main requirements needed to apply for Malta citizenship by investment?

  1. There are three main requirements an applicant must do when he is approved for Maltese citizenship:
  2. Purchase a residential property worth at least €700,000 or rent a property for a minimum annual rent of €16,000, which shall be kept for a minimum of five (5) years, and
  3. Donate a minimum of €10,000 to a registered and compliant philanthropic, cultural, sport, scientific, animal welfare or artistic NGO, and
    Make a non-refundable direct investment of 600,000 when the application is submitted after 36 months of residence or €750,000 when the application is submitted after 12 months of residence. An additional direct investment of €50,000 is required for each additional dependant.

Is the applicant required to keep the qualifying investment for life?

The applicant is required to keep the qualifying purchased or rented property for at least five years from the date on the certificate of naturalisation.

When is the starting date for the residence period?

The residence period starts on the day when the Malta residence card is issued. All adult dependants who wish to apply for Maltese citizenship under these Regulations must hold a residence permit in Malta.

Are there any nationals of certain countries who are not eligible to apply?

Nationals or individuals with close links to Afghanistan, Congo, Iran, N Korea, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria and Venezuela are ineligible to apply for Maltese citizenship under these Regulations.

Are Due Diligence Fees payable for all applicants?

Due diligence fees only apply for individuals over the age of 12. The due diligence fees payable are of €15,000 for the Main Applicant and €10,000 for each dependent included in the application.

Can an applicant add dependants after the submission of the application?

The application is final when the citizenship eligibility is submitted and the fees at that stage are duly paid. The applicant can only apply for Maltese citizenship to any new-born children at that stage.

At what stage must the applicant decide on which route to take?

The applicant should declare his intention whether he will opt for the 1 year or 3 year route when applying for the Malta residence permit.

Is the applicant required to take an Oath of Allegiance?

The applicant and all adult dependants are required to take an Oath of Allegiance to the Republic of Malta.

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