Malta Citizenship by direct investment 2024

Malta is recognised as a jurisdiction welcoming high net worth families wishing to embrace the opportunity of becoming Maltese citizens. The country acts as a bridge between the African and European continents therefore attracting ongoing foreign investor interest. This is also because Malta has one of Europe’s fastest growing economies which is continuously adapting to global dynamics.

The Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations allow for the granting of Maltese citizenship to individuals and their families contributing to the economic development of the country. Each application submitted under these regulations undergoes a strict four-tier due diligence process.

Once a family is awarded Maltese citizenship, the applicants can benefit from various opportunities in Malta and abroad.

Legal Notice 437 of 2020 specifies the requisites for the Granting of Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations.

To be eligible for Maltese citizenship under the exceptional investment route, the applicant must satisfy a number of financial requirements:

Government Residence Permit Fees

The first step to apply for citizenship by investment under these regulations is to visit Malta and apply for Maltese residency. At this stage, the prospective applicant signs a power of attorney granting the authority for the licenced agent to act on his behalf for the duration of the application process. The licenced agent will perform the first-tier level of due diligence and submits the residence application.

During the residence application, applicants are required to settle the government residence permit fees which amount to €5,027.50 for the main applicant and €1,027.50 for each dependent. During this application the main applicant is also required to pay a non-refundable fee of €10,000 as a part payment of the main contribution.

Main Applicant Part Payment of Contribution €10,000


Main Applicant Residence Permit + Card €5,027.50
Each Dependant Residence Permit + Card €1,027.50


Residency status is issued for 36 months which can only be extended if an eligibility for citizenship application has been submitted.

Government Administrative & Due Diligence Fees

Following the submission of the residence application, residence cards are issued within a few weeks.

Subsequently the citizenship eligibility application can be submitted. At this stage, one submits documents relating to the source of wealth and funds, birth and marriage certificates and police conduct certificates. The Community Malta Agency performs Tier 2 due diligence at this stage and ensures the completeness of the application. Once this is done and the application is deemed to contain all the necessary information, the third and fourth tier due diligence is done, and the findings of this exercise is presented to the Minister responsible for citizenship.

The due diligence process starts with what is known as the M1 phase, at which stage the application is checked for completion, to ensure that all the administrative forms have been provided and are adequately completed, with all the supporting documents. This part of the process categorises an application as an M1-A, in which case it can proceed to the next stage unencumbered, or an M1-B which implies that some elements of the application are missing.

If an application is deemed an M1-B, a report is issued containing the amendments or the information required. This report may request amendments to a government form, missing documentation incorrect authentication of documents.

When an application clears the M1 stage, it proceeds to what is known as the M3 stage where a detailed, critical review of the application and the supporting documentation is done.

Fees to be paid at this stage are the following:

Applicant Due Diligence Fee €15,000
Each Dependant (12 years of age and over) Due Diligence Fee €10,000
Benefactor Due Diligence Fee €15,000

Government Contribution

After the due diligence process has been completed and the Letter of Approval has been issued, the applicant would be required to satisfy the three main investment components of the Malta Citizenship by Investment Regulations. This is done following the 12 or 36 months from the date of issue of the residence cards.

The first requirement is to pay a non-refundable government contribution amounting to €600,000 if the applicant wishes to pursue the 3 year route to citizenship or amounting to €750,000 if the applicant decides to follow the 1 year route.

There is an additional government contribution of €50,000 to be paid for each dependent added to the same application. This is paid on receipt of Letter of in Principle Approval.

Donation to a Voluntary Organisation

The applicant needs to donate €10,000 to a local registered cultural, sport, philanthropic, scientific, animal welfare or artistic non-government organisation or society registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.

Property Investment

Upon receipt of the Letter of in Principle Approval, a Malta citizenship applicant needs to choose a qualifying property to purchase or rent. The chosen qualifying property is to be kept for five years. The property requirements are outlined below:

Option 1 – Property Rental

The applicant needs to spend a minimum of €16,000 rental per year.


Option 2 – Property Purchase

The applicant needs to spend a minimum of €700,000 when purchasing the property.

Applicant Government Contribution €600,000 / €750,000
Each Dependent Government Contribution €50,000
Applicant Charity Contribution €10,000
Applicant Real Estate Investment €16,000 Annual Rent or

€700,000 Purchase of Property

Furthermore, applicants must also provide documentary evidence that any personal, commercial or financial ties to the country that they opted to commit to do, in their residency proposal letter have been completed.

Once the applicant fulfils the exceptional investment, the donation and property requirements, he is invited to come to Malta to take the Oath of Allegiance and the Maltese Certificate of Naturalisation is issued.

A Malta Citizenship by Investment application can only be submitted at Community Malta Agency via a Licensed Agent.

ACC Immigration Advisors (Malta company registration number C-44042) is duly authorised to act as a licensed Malta agent and holds licence number AKM-ACCA.

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