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The acquisition of Maltese citizenship through the Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services regulations grants a number of benefits to highly talented individuals who are willing to invest in Malta.

Malta Citizenship by Direct Investment for the Whole Family

Applicants and their family members are given the opportunity to receive better education, high quality healthcare and standard of living. With the continuously changing geopolitical situation, applicants are securing a second nationality in the European Union which offers more stability, safety and peace of mind. Upon acquisition of a Malta passport, applicants and their family members are able to reside freely in Malta and to travel to over 180 countries without a visa.

Malta, unlike certain regions in the world offers political and economic stability and this appeals to various foreign investors looking for a safe yet highly competitive jurisdiction to do business. Malta also enjoys a highly skilled and English-speaking workforce making it attractive for high-net-worth individuals to open up or relocate their enterprises.

Benefits of Granting Malta Citizenship by Direct Investment

The acquisition of Maltese citizenship by investment grants a number of benefits to foreign applicants such as:

  • Maltese Citizenship within 3 years or exceptionally after 1 year of Residence
  • Inclusion of Family Members
  • English Speaking Country
  • Visa Free Travel to over 184 Countries
  • Citizenship for life
  • Malta allows Dual Nationality
  • Free Healthcare & Education
  • Citizenship is passed down to Future Generations

Maltese Citizenship within 3 years or exceptionally after 1 year of residence

An applicant must hold a residence status in Malta for at least 36 months or at a higher investment for 12 months before submitting a citizenship application. On applying for residence in Malta, the applicant and his family members are granted a Maltese residence card.

Inclusion of family members

Under the Malta Citizenship by Investment Regulations, the applicant may include in the application, his/her spouse, a child up to the age of 28 who is un-married and economically dependent on the main applicant, and economically dependent parents and grandparents over the age of 55.

English speaking country

The English language is one of Malta’s official languages and the majority of the population speaks English. This makes it ideal for foreign investors and their family members to relocate to Malta. Malta is also a famous hub for students looking to learn English in Malta and there are over 40 English schools on the island.

Visa free travel to over 184 countries

Applicants who are granted Maltese citizenship by direct investment enjoy visa free travel to over 184 countries with a Maltese passport. This ranks the Malta passport in the top 10 of all passports worldwide.

Citizenship for life

Once obtained, the applicant and all family members obtain Maltese citizenship which is valid for life. Applicants get the right to reside, work and stay in Malta without any restrictions.

Malta allows dual nationality

Applicants who obtain Maltese citizenship through investment are not required to renounce their original citizenship by Maltese law. By virtue of the Maltese Citizenship Act, it is lawful for any person to be a citizen of Malta and at the same time a citizen of another country. Malta thus allows not only dual nationality but multiple.

Free healthcare & education

Maltese citizens enjoy free and good quality healthcare in public clinics and hospitals around the island. Education is also free for all Maltese nationals up to the first University degree. In addition, students are also given a stipend for academic related expenses.

Citizenship is passed down to future generations

Maltese citizenship law allows for the acquisition of Maltese citizenship of any new-born children as long as one of their parents is Maltese irrespective of where the child is born. Hence Maltese citizenship is passed down to future generations.

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