We are a team of Maltese citizenship and immigration lawyers specializing in providing services pertaining to all aspects of obtaining citizenship in Malta.

Malta Citizenship Agents – Our Services

Our citizenship lawyers dedicate personal attention to each client and oversee each citizenship case individually.  As Maltese citizenship agents, we help our clients assess which citizenship route or citizenship programme best suits their objectives and whether they qualify for residency or citizenship under Maltese citizenship law. We offer all ancillary tax and legal services for holistic coverage of all immigration and relocation projects.

Malta Citizenship Agents – B2B Partnerships

The firm acts as a Malta citizenship agent for international lawyers, immigration firms and professional advisors in all their interests in Malta, providing Malta residence and citizenship due diligence, file-building, immigration submission, reviews and appeals for their clients.

Our lead citizenship lawyer

Our managing partner Dr Priscilla Mifsud-Parker is a private client lawyer with key expertise in immigration law, citizenship law and residence programmes in Malta.  Priscilla has several years of experience in immigration law, estate and succession law, trusts and estates and property law.  Priscilla has represented numerous entrepreneurs, investors, pensioners and family offices in their relocation, residence and citizenship matters, together with ancillary personal tax advice and estate management services.

As part of our Malta citizenship services, Priscilla also advises our clients on trusts and estate planning, wealth and business structuring for entrepreneurs, investors, high net-worth individuals and their advisors. In the structuring field her main speciality is tailoring solutions for the optimisation and protection of high value assets and reorganisations of complex structures.

Priscilla’s background and experience has enables her to assist clients in structuring their wealth through well-structured, licensed entities such as investment funds.

Licensed Malta Citizenship Agents

ACC Advisors Ltd is a company registered in Malta with registration number C-44042.  ACC Immigration is duly authorised to act as a licensed Malta citizenship agent in terms of the Agents (Licences) Regulations, 2020 (L.N. 435 of 2020) and bound by the “Licence Agreement and Code of Conduct and Ethics for Agents” entered into with Community Malta Agency, under official Malta licence number AKM-ACCA


English, French, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Turkish, Russian & Maltese.

About Malta

The little-known Mediterranean island of Malta and its smaller neighbour Gozo, have much to offer in terms of both entertainment and culture. Having first become part of the EU in 2004, and later in 2008 adopting the Euro, Malta has a rich history dating back to 7000 BC, and this has led a unique mix of architecture and culture. In the last few years the island has become renowned for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and recreational options including clubs, upscale restaurants and outdoor sports.

Malta’s Quality of Life

International Living Magazine’s quality of life index rated Malta as the number one place in the world to live.  Its favourable climate, beautiful beaches and low levels of crime, highly skilled work force with English being an official language have contributed to Malta’s reputation being an attractive location to take up residence. Malta positioned in the centre of the Mediterranean is in close proximity to both Europe and North Africa and multiple airlines operate to and from Malta, creating direct links to the rest of the world.

Malta’s Real Estate Market

Malta’s real estate market encompasses properties of all types and prices, ranging from economical apartments to luxuriously finished villas. Different parts of the island provide distinct backdrops and one has the option of choosing a country view, sea view and even a cityscape. Gated communities and special designated areas offer exclusive places of residence for individuals from all over the world.

Malta’s Healthcare System

The healthcare system in Malta is one of the best in the world. All Maltese residents and foreign nationals from EU member states holding European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) are eligible to receive free health care.

Non-EU citizens looking to take advantage of Malta’s attractive residence programme have to be covered by a local all-risk medical insurance policy. Malta is an impressive destination and we encourage you to consider its benefits. There is much more to be discovered about the Maltese archipelago and why it makes for a sensational place of residence.

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