Malta Nomad Residency

The Malta Nomad Residence Permit launched in June 2021 has proven to be a very successful initiative to attract non-European digital nomads to reside and work from Malta. In a press conference addressed by the Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities it was announced that to date, the Residency Malta Agency has received over 180 applications with an average of one application every working day. The Agency is also expected to receive more applications when travel restrictions are eased globally. The scheme has attracted a number of digital nomads working in Malta who embrace a new remote model of working and living. Apart from a robust infrastructure Malta also offers a dynamic lifestyle, good weather and a friendly society and community. In addition, Malta’s official language is English, making the transition to Malta seamless.

The majority of applicants applying for the Malta Nomad Residence Permit hail from the United Kingdom and the United States with an average income of around €60,000. Most of the applicants are male with an average age of 27 years. Most of the digital nomads applying for this programme are employed with foreign entities and tend to work in management, Information Technology, or marketing.

The Malta  Nomad Residence Permit Requirements

For a non-EU national to be eligible to apply for the Malta Nomad Residence Permit, one needs to prove a gross monthly income of €2,700. The applicant must also submit a letter of intent giving enough evidence that he/she can work from Malta by using technological means. To qualify, applicants must either be employed with a company registered outside of Malta or conduct business activities for a company registered outside of Malta of which the applicant is a shareholder or partner, or else offer freelance services to clients whose permanent establishments are in a foreign country.
Digital nomads may also bring their family members including one’s spouse and financially dependent children.

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