Malta’s Finance Minister announced that the Malta Residency Agency together with the state agency Malta Enterprise, will be launching a new residence programme. The new programme is aimed at entrepreneurs who will use Malta as their base and thus those who fulfil the requirements of such a programme will be allowed to reside in Malta and contribute to the country. Entrepreneurs looking to relocate and legally establish their residence in Malta under the start-up programme should have a successful record of entrepreneurial history together with a concrete business plan and objective.

The concept of a start-up visa complements the newly launched Malta Nomad Residence Permit which is attracting digital nomads from all over the world to reside in Malta whilst managing their business or continuing their foreign employment.

Malta Start-Up Residence Permit Benefits

The benefits for entrepreneurs having Malta as their primary base are endless and these include a good English-speaking workforce, excellent healthcare facilities and a warm climate all year round. Maltese entrepreneurs will also benefit from having investors with a different mind-set and thus having an opportunity to interact with more experienced entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Blue Med Hub Initiative – Malta

The finance minister has also announced that a Blue Med Hub is expected to start operating from Malta, offering numerous opportunities for start-ups and small and medium enterprises to enable them to start offering their services from Malta. The initial plan is that the hub will collaborate with entities located in the Middle East and Africa region. The setting up of the Blue Med Hub will be in the hands of various experts who work in the SMEs and start-ups sector.

The official launch and more details about this programme will be communicated in the coming weeks once the Financial Budget for 2022 starts being implemented.

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