ACC is a Maltese immigration firm licensed in Malta to process Maltese residence and citizenship applications.  Specialising in investment migration in Malta, our team of Maltese immigration lawyers and due diligence professionals specialise in Maltese residency, retirement, naturalisation, investment and immigration by doing business in Malta.

We assist private clients, immigration lawyers and consultants overseas in all their Malta immigration processing and filing in Malta under the various Malta residence and citizenship programmes. We dedicate personal attention to each immigration project and oversee each case individually.

Why Malta?

When considering countries for relocation, families have a number of core priorities. This video explains why a number of foreign nationals are choosing Malta as their place for second residency. The country offers a good quality of life, warm climate, excellent educational opportunities, top-class healthcare facilities and a safe and stable place for families.

Along with Maltese, the English language is Malta’s official language and the language of choice for doing business. Additionally, government announcements and services, media and road signs are offered in both languages making daily life easier for expats relocating to Malta.